Parent email already in use

Parent (e-mail removed by Moderator), member 14469123 reports her email is listed as already in use. This is her family’s first year in Scouting so I don’t know how it could already be in the system unless she created a separate account that’s not associated with her son and our unit.

The most common explanation is that the parent’s email address got put on the youth’s account, as well as on the parent’s. The SUAC folks can check that.

@ShannonMollenhauer It’s because she has 2 BSA member numbers. One has her first name, the other has her nickname.

She also has 2 my.scouting user names. They are almost identical, but one ends with the number 1.


Which user name does she want to keep?

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The original without the trailing 1. Thanks!

Shannon Mollenhauer
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@ShannonMollenhauer Her user names have been merged. The survivor is the original user name without the trailing 1.

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