Parent with 2 accounts in Scoutbook

I have 2 parents show up in Scoutbook. One of each is Do Not Mail. They can’t seem to turn on the mail again. One parent isn’t a big deal because the other account works, but the other one is a new committee member and I need to send him emails easily.


Post the BSA Member IDs (no names) and we will investigate.


I appreciate it.

@LauraCincotta can you please organize or give us some context on all these numbers?

134696515 - JE

Shows up twice as a parent, one of them is Do Not Mail. Show up once as a committee member Do Not Mail. We need the 2 parent accounts merged and changed to email. I gave him the instructions to turn mail back on, but he can’t do it. I’m the CC by the way.

134956191 - SA

This scout’s Mom shows up twice in the email section. One is Do Not Email. The two need to be merged and Email turned on.

Oh so each one is showing twice, but this is just one number - ok let us look

128566880 - CP

This scout’s Mom also shows up twice in the email section and one shows as Do Not Distribute. The accounts need to be merged and Email turned on.

BSA Member ID:
Previous BSA Member ID:
13520540 - MM

This is a new scout to us, and I see that he had another number. Just want to make sure nothing will be messed up. Also, his Mom shows up as Do Not Email and I can’t contact her to show her how to fix this.

BSA Member ID:
132784411 - WO

On this one, the Dad shows up twice in the emails, both say Do No Email, and he can’t access either one to fix.

First - we cannot just opt a person back into emails - user needs to do that - we can facilitate to make sure they have access.

JE has a user name he used in August to get to correct account (Firstname).(Lastname)1 - he needs to use that not his email to log in

Great, I’ll tell him now. But he shows up twice in the email section. Will that go away?

SA is fixed - the interesting thing with the SB email opt out is it opts out the user from getting email - it does not opt out the email address - so if address is on 2 accounts and one is opted out the email should still get the email

Ah ok. With 55 scouts I was seeing red Do Not Email all over the place and panicking.

@LauraCincotta this parent logged in yesterday - so they can fix opt out if they wish

BSA Member ID:

While we are at it, this scout’s Dad shows up twice too. I don’t know what they’re doing.

This one the fathers username is everything before the @ of his email

Great, I’ll send them the instructions again.

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