Scouts with parents w/multiple accounts

Fixed an issue in the boy troop with a boy having 3 parents, now I see we have this same issue with one boy in the pack and one girl in the girl troop. How does this happen?

In the pack -one of the new dads (not connected) that showed up (probably when the charter posted?) has an email of “” What?! That account can be deleted. The other dad account is the real one and has been used for years.

In the girl troop a girl has 2 dads listed now - and both are connected even - I guess they need merged maybe? She is dual registered and maybe the other troop created a new account for the dad instead of using the old? IDK…

Also, in the boy troop problem that Donavan fixed for me this morning the boy’s account has his mom’s email listed. Can that be deleted? Him having her email is part of what started this whole problem in the first place.

Please provide their member numbers (no names), and we can take a look.

Pack - Scout # 13491222 has the dad twice - the one w/ the really weird email needs deleted.

TroopG - Scout # 13539764 has the 2 dad accounts that I assume need merged.

TroopB - Scout # 14543711 has the mother’s email listed in his profile - need email deleted.

I have merged the Dad;s Scoutbook accounts. However, your council Registrar should use their Registrar Tools and take a look at the Scout’s User Relationships. It looks like the Scout (with first initial M.) is connected to the Dad with the Dad’s secondary BSA member number.

Similar situation here. The Dad has multiple BSA member numbers in the same council. Ideally, all of his User Relationships would be under the parent’s BSA member ID number 13142742 – not the other ones.

This Scout has his own my.scouting account. His mother’s e-mail is the e-mail that is listed there. If they want it to be something different, then I would recommend having the Scout log in to his my.scouting account and change his e-mail there.

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