Parent getting 'Warning: another user is using the same email address'

We have a parent that get’s this warning after they log in
“Warning: another user is using the same email address”
I cannot find another adult with that address (like a duplicate account) but her son has her email address on his account, so I didn’t know if that could be the culprit?

I can’t find her id numbers, but her son’s are:
SB User ID:12385125
BSA Member ID:14177110

Let me know if you need more information. Thank you!!!

That is likely to be at least part of the issue. The error message doesn’t distinguish between one or multiple “additional” accounts using the same email address. It’s worth asking here to see if SUAC can find other accounts.

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@AthenaAlexander The parent has 2 BSA member numbers:

14177106 - Tiger Adult Partner registration

There is a difference in the year of birth between these 2 member numbers. Please check with the parent and contact your local council to correct the date of birth.

After that happens, we can merge the Scoutbook accounts.

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I am having getting the same message.


Your e-mail address was on your son’s Scoutbook account. It has been removed.

Hello, I’m having the same warning up here. It seems that I only have access to one of the two accounts. I’m not sure how to access the second account to change the information or to merge it. Can you help? The email address is (removed by moderator)


I will send you a private message. Look for a green circle with white number on top of the green circle with white K in the upper right corner of your forum window.

Hello I am getting this warning, too, and my account seems to be empty.

In the account I can get into I see:
SB User ID: 11504708
BSA Member ID: 130524089

I have the same problem. “Warning: another user is using the same email address”

SB ID# (removed)
BSA ID# (removed)

@AugustaBowden this is fixed

@SteveMcDanal we will look at this

@SteveMcDanal the email was applied to your Scout - I cleared it

Thank you for the help Donovan.

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil!

Question about an email being applied to the scout. Can the scout and parent have the same email address in their profiles? Especially with Cub Scouts, because when setting up the profile an email address is requested for the scout and parents often just put their own email if the cub scout does not have their own. Will this be a problem and what email do we need to tell parents to put down for their scout that does not have their own email? I’ve been having our council registrar change the scout email to a default one so it frees up the parent email for the parent to use.

Ok, thank you Jennifer! I contacted our council registrar and she was able to see and fix the problem. She reached out to the parent and was able to get it all cleared up. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

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