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Parent tried to log in for first time in a while. He was directed to My.scouting to change password. He created a username and pass in My.scouting. The email is the same in my.scouting as it shows in Scoutbook. When he tries to log in to Scoutbook it shows Invalid user name or password. I see a difference in his name under scouts link as Chris while in my.scouting it has him as Christopher.

How do I get him logged into scoutbook?

emails do not work great for user names - do you have a BSA # for the parent?

He created a username last night and has tried both the username and email gets same response each time.

His ID#13782196

Under the Parent Link in Scoutbook it does not show a BSA ID# just a User ID#9917677

@AmandaVenable - OK I think this is cleaned up - he needs to use the Google login with his google email. He has already set that up

No he is using a yahoo email. Not sure where the google email is from? He says he has a google email but it is not activity used but he always uses the yahoo for these accounts.

I found a 2nd ID for him and added his member ID to it. One of his IDs uses his gmail account with Google login, the other uses his yahoo email as his login. Since both have his MID attached, he can use either to log in to Scoutbook.

Thank you! I think he finally got logged into Scoutbook!

I am a committee chair and have an AOL scout’s parent who just completed and is ready to cross over, but is suddenly unable to log in to Scoutbook. The Scout’s id is 133548288, but our local council is showing it differently. This is his id from charter renewal. Please help reset log-in so his parent can access his record again.
Thank you!

Have they tried Forgot Password? Neither parent has logged in for over a year - both use their emails - or username samwise7

They can also go to and use the BOT

@RebeccaBurkhead Make sure you double-check that the Scout’s AOL rank is marked as Approved and Awarded in Scoutbook before you move them over to the troop.

Hi Jennifer,

I will double check Albert Wiseley’s approvals. I reset his mom’s Scoutbook password this morning through, but she never received the request. This has been going on for nearly 2 weeks now. I appreciate your help.

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