Parent is not getting “reset password” email

I have a parent who has forgotten his password, but is not receiving the “reset password” email when he’s requested it multiple times.

I have confirmed that his email address is correct in his profile.

Is there another way to have his password reset/the email sent to him?

Member # 137546342

I do not see a ID for this person.

Have them go to and select Create Account. The system should find the existing registration information which he can then recover.

Looking at the e-mail, I think the first and last names are probably both misspelled.

Good catch Jennifer.


Check the spelling in Scoutbook. Since the adult is a Tiger Adult Partner, if the name is mispelled, you will need to contact your Council to fix it then create the account.

I think BSA member number 137546353 is probably the one with the correct spelling, but this member number is missing the e-mail.

Thank you, both. The name is on closer inspection misspelled. I’ll contact Council to get that fixed.


I think we can help if you can reply to the private message about the correct spelling.

I was able to move the email address to the correctly-spelled profile, and he was able to register and get in.

Thanks again for finding the other profile!!


I think you should still contact your local council. Because this is a Tiger Adult Partner, you will want to make sure that the correct number is associated with your unit. I don’t think your pack’s recharter has posted yet.