Parent not able to access account and password reset not sending email

Hi. I have a parent with the email account REMOVED
that tries to login and retrieve/reset her password but never receives the email to do so. Her BSA id is 136856528. Could you see what the problem is or just try to get the reset password email to her? Thank you!

@RICARDOMENDEZ we can reset the password if you desire?

Please, do. But what has happened in the past is that she has not received the reset email, for whatever reason.

@RICARDOMENDEZ new password “Training1” - no idea on email

We have a parent who is a non-leader BSA #134424473 User #8951517 and is listed on Scoutbook who want to compete Youth Protection. Her email needs changed to [e-mail address removed by Moderator] (same as her husband who is a den leader) as the email in Scoutbook has a typo and she can’t remember her password to reset because she can’t receive info to reset because of the wrong email address.

@KeithSmith4 Her e-mail has been updated.

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Problem solved! The password change worked perfect. Thank you!

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