Parent isn't able to access sons AOL account

Now that my son has moved from Webelos to AOL it no longer gives me access to complete tasks for his advancement. Some of the Pack Admin have tried to see what it could be, with zero luck at correcting it. It gives us all a message that he isn’t eligible to earn the AOL rank. Is there an easy fix for this? Thank You.

Also it says my account has two different email addresses, but yet I’ve only had 1 scout book account.

@DanFleming - is the scout in an AOL den? The bsa id number would also be a help

Check his membership page in scoutbook. Does he have one and only one current membership. What does it say?

@DanFleming - i think the SUAC team can check the email issue or scoutbook account for duplicates

Sorry about that. His BSA ID is 14925320. And yes he is supposed to be in the AOL Den. There is only 1 membership listed.


Your e-mail address was on your son’s Scoutbook account. I have cleared it.

Are you using Scoutbook Plus ( to access your son’s account? AOL dens are not supported in legacy Scoutbook.

Thanks. Yes we are using Scoutbook Plus.

Below is an image of what I’m seeing.


Your son’s AOL den membership was ended on 6/12/24. He still has an open membership in the pack but without being assigned to a den you won’t be able to add advancement. Please ask a Key 3 member to place him in the AOL den.

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