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1st year member chair muddling my way through this all…I have a parent of a previous Scout. Our Council said dad is in the system but not the child. But dad can’t access his account anymore and said it says his member number is no longer recognized. He also said he can’t open a new account under his name because his name is already in the system. Any ideas on how to get him registered so he can register his scout? Thanks so much!


I have sent you a private message so we can get the father’s information and investigate. Click on the green circle with white A in the upper right of your forum window.

I’m a new Den Leader, who only has my son, in my Den, thus far. I logged in as a parent, until I received an update notice, that I could combine my Guardian (and Den Leader account) as one.

I really don’t understand how I can add advancements for my son, when it says I need parent/ scout permission to connect.

I am the parent, and he’s a first grader (who doesn’t use online apps) so how can I get access to connect/ record his achievements, when I can’t send myself permission to update my son’s records? I tried sending a message, but received no text (or email).

Can someone tell me if this is a tech glitch, or something I’m missing? TY kindly.

In principle, your unit Key 3 (CM, CC and COR) or any other unit Scoutbook admins they assign should be able to make your connection in Scoutbook. Are you logging in with the credentials you use to log in to That should be the way you do it as as den leader, rather than logging in with (for example), your email address.

Also, the scouts have to be assigned to the dens by the unit in Scoutbook before advancement can be recorded, as the available advancement options are determined based on the type of den (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) to which they are assigned.

This is somewhat off the direct topic of your question, @JeffreySinger, but I wanted to pass it along since you mentioned you were a new den leader.

One comment I will make is that, based on what I’ve been told by others and the various issues I’ve seen raised on the discussion groups here, I personally recommend against using the Den Leader Experience to set up your den. It seems like it does some things well, but many things very poorly or at least in a manner very confusing to many people.

There are a lot of help wikis for Scoutbook here: that are really useful for new adult leaders and parents using Scoutbook. A couple are:

There’s also a test environment you can play around in to try stuff out before you do it “live” with your den: Scoutbook Demo Environment - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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TY. I’ll try reading/ watching the provided materials. I do log in with my original credentials (same ID, password, and member ID…when asked).

I simply can’t get the “connect with your scout” tab to work (since I’m the only parent registered, and AJ doesn’t have his own account…to my knowledge).

I’m also curious as to whether the adventure completions, I submitted (as a regular guardian) are still sitting in a queue, vs the account merge erasing them?

Thanks for your assistance, and fast reply. I’ve also put in an email support request. I might just call my local council, to see if they know what’s going on. But, I will watch your suggestions, to learn how to navigate the app.

@JeffreySinger - what I do as a unit admin is connect to scout to the parent once the scout shows up in scoutbook as generally the registrar creates that parent account.

On the den leader thing… did you submit and adult application? If the unit did not tie your tiger adult BSA ID to the adult application then you would have two distinct and independent ID’s

I’m not quite following all of that, but I’d be glad to take a look at your account if you post your bsa member number.

Are you using the mobile “Scouting” app, or the web interface at It kinda sounds like you’re using the mobile app.

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