Parent login problem

I’m having a problem getting a parent logged into scoutbook. I think she has used her own email address for her eldest scout which is causing problems. The parent UID is 9840156 and she has no MID shown in scoutbook. Her eldest son is MID 135179296 / UID 8228742. Can you advise what to do? Many thanks in advance.

Her son with first initial W has a ID setup using her gmail address and Google Login.

I would suggest they log in to his account, change the e-mail to one belonging to him and change his login to either BSA credentials or his own Google or Apple login.

After doing this, she should create her own ID. This will generate a MID for her. Post the MID and we will add it to her Scoutbook account. She should NOT try to log in to Scoutbook until after we confirm the MID has been added, otherwise a second Scoutbook account, without connections to her children will be created.

The parent has tried but is still having problems. Can we move to a private channel so I can forward more detailed information? Thank you!

I sent yo a private message. Click your photo in the upper right corner of the forum window.

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