Parent lost link to scout

I have a 2nd year parent, who just recently volunteered and registered as a Den Leader. He now says trying to login to Scoutbook, the message says there is no account linked to his email address. The email address has not changed. I see his name & BSA member ID in our official roster at my.scouting and in Internet Advancement,
BSA Member ID is: 14106151
Can we get him linked back together again? Thank you


The member is listed on your Scoutbook roster. He should be logging in with his ID which is an e-mail l* (middle characters removed for privacy). I see he last tried to log in to on 9/19/23.

The only other member with the same name and no DOB lives in a different state and Council. All others with his name have different DOB.

He says it works now - he is in. Thank you.

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