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So i wanted to add scouts on Scoutbook to recieve emailed and whatnot as well. The only way I’ve seen to do it is add myself as a “Parents”, invite them, and then remove myself as a parents. But since I’ve done this, whenever I go to send a message, it doesn’t just list my scout anymore, it lists everyone I at one point linked myself to. How do I fix this? Image attached.


You should not be listing yourself as a parent of a Scout that is not your child. Scoutbook specifically only allows parents to add Scout e-mail addresses. This was done to ensure there is a good e-mail address for parents because parents are copied on every e-mail a Scout receives from Scoutbook. You will need to contact Member Care by sending an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org to see if they can fix it.


Even tho some of the parent don’t even know how to do it? And I am the advancement chair so I have access to everything with their child except that feature and I got their approval prior to doing it.

Yes, the advice is the same. Only the true parent/guardian should be entering Scout e-mail addresses into Scoutbook. What I have done in the past is sit down with the parent and walked them through the process. If I had the issue today, I would use an online tool such as Webex to show them what needs to be done.


This action was pretty far outside of BSA YPT Safeguards - parents permission or not.


Ok, going forward I will have to set up an powerpoint or PDF instructions to assist them. I was unaware of that. Thank you.

great pdf instruction sheet


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