Parent name has replaced Scout’s name on Scout’s record

We have a father who is connected to his two daughters’ records. One of the daughter’s records is now displaying his name instead of hers. Her records are intact but the name field states ‘Clay’ instead of ‘Amelia’. What could have caused this change and how do we fix it?

@WandaSpinner it is often making my.scouting accounts - what is Scouts BSA # and we can look

It looks like the father’s name is in the nickname data field on the daughter’s Scoutbook account.

You should be able to change it.

Thank you both for answering. I was able to fix the issue by entering the daughter’s name in the Preferred name field and then save changes. I then went back and removed her name from that field and saved changes again. It stuck both times. I think the father may have entered his nickname accidentally, backspaced over the letters and then hit the save changes button. If he didn’t remove all of the spaces in his entry, I’m assuming even though I could not see his name, that it was still populating the field.

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