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Reports for scout in troop and crew show parent's name instead of scout's name

I’m attempting to produce an advancement report for a scout in the Troop and the Crew for our troop, as he is trying to finish his Eagle. If I go to his record in Scoutbook, click Reports and then run the “Individual Advancement Record” or the “Scouts BSA History Report”, both reports list his mother’s name instead of his name. Please let me know if there is a fix for this available.

Thank you,

From the scout’s page, click edit profile, donyou see the correct first, middle, and last name? Nick name?

Thank you! Someone had entered his Mom’s name as his first name and his name in the nickname field. I appreciate the help and the quick response.

– Jeff

look at membership and see if there are any AKELA notes @JeffreyHoover - if there are it might be entered that way at council

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