Parent no access to scout

Scout in Troop 007 B 135836639
His mom cannot see him in scutbook but she can see her cubs in Pack 007
She has the same last name in Pack 007 (removed by Moderator). I do not have her BSA ID. Any chance you have the tools to seach and remedy?. Green Mountain Council, 0592. Long Trail District.

Thank you

@WilliamKett - are you showing her connected to her scout on the troop side? I gather you are not affiliated with the pack?

No. I’m the scoutbook admin for our council and trying to get help. Our council has 3 staff members who are swamped.

The parent sees her two cubs in the pack only. My guess is she has two bsa ID’s that need to be linked.

@WilliamKett Is the parent able to connect herself to the Scout in Scoutbook? She will need the Scout’s BSA member number.

She should be able to do it by going through:

My Account → My Connections

That worked. Thank you for the advice as always.

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