Parent not seeing Scouts

In Five Rivers Council, E.M. (mom)

  • cannot see son (name removed by Moderator) 136865771 info and does not get emails, T-4019.

  • Daughter from Pack 12 (name removed by Moderator) 136963947, mom cannot see info.

@MarcMcGrain The parent has 2 usernames at my.scouting:

One has Google sign in turned on
The other is an e-mail address

Which username does she want to keep? We can retire the other one.

@MarcMcGrain The other issue is that she is opted out of e-mails from Scoutbook. She can opt back in by logging on to Scoutbook, and then going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email

To the right of “Messaging Opt-Out:” she should see a toggle where she can opt back in to e-mails from Scoutbook.

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