Parent of Scout shows up twice and can not log in

A parent in my den Lacy Ford is showing up twice under her scout. She tries to log in but scoutbook does not recognize her as a user. SB Number is: 11977033 and BSA Member ID is: 137358342. She had an original log in from years ago that worked but then a time lapsed with no child in scouts then her youngest child joined scouts and a new user with the exact same name was created for her which is when the problem started. An attempt to merge the two accounts was attempted so that none of her training disappeared but the users both seem corrupted now and she can not get to either account.

@RobertLyles1 those numbers are for a different user

@RobertLyles1 I found her - log in should be fixed - on training hopefully it stays - looks like council just deleted the MID that the training was on - should know in 24 hours

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