Parent Password Reset Issue

I have a parent of a scout that is unable to log in and the password reset function does not seem to be working for them.
Is it possible to force the reset for them or some other method?
UserID: 11984129

@RichardCharts I can reset password for R Newman if you want

Please do.
Will he get an email notice?

@RichardCharts I do not believe he will - new password is “Training1”

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My wife is having the same issue. Password recovery is not working. Her ID is 13116596

Can you reset password for Philippe Tamayo Troop 99 and mine?
The message said they will send me from my email to reset password but it did not go through. Thanks

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@FrederickPeloso your council can reset that password - we cannot

@NormaTamayo your council can reset that password - we cannot