Parent PID # Different than online registration #

Parent Registered Scout parent PID is now different than the one she registered with

Parent PID Used to register 133739540 (I want this PID to show in Parent Profile in SB). Council Shows this PID attached to parent

Parent PID now showing in profile 137086313 (This is incorrect) The correct email is showing in SB but the wrong PID

Parent User ID 1923058

Parent Email used to register -

Scout PID 133739539

Scout User ID 1922442

Online application Order ID 1022807661

Here is what I think happened.

MJ registered her son in 2017 with a paper application. The registrar create a MID for her at the time her son was registered.

In 2021, she used a new ID to create an application for her son to transfer him to your troop. This generated a new MID because the system did not find her old ID.

I can clean it up but it will be later today before I can get to it.

Ed, Thanks for your help. Please let me know if this has been fixed.


This is fixed. The user needs to log in with her ID that is her name, not her e-mail address.

I recommend she log in to, go to MENU → Manage Member ID and add her 137086313 MID as secondary.

So just got off the phone with her. She tried but she got a message of member id not found. I am not going to worry about it as it is working and I am happy. Thanks so much for your help.

Do you mean the 2nd one? Your council may be able to retire the 2nd number.

Correct the 2nd number was not found when she went to input it. I believe council already took care of it.

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