Parent profile help

Husband and wife want to be linked separately to Scout. Husband’s accout (BSA ID 140692908) used wife’s email. I’ve switched the email in IA profile but when I invite the wife in Scoutbook, it says “email already in use” Can you please get that email off of his account so I can add her?

@TrentWhite They both already have my.Scouting usernames.

Best thing to do would be to ask the husband to log in to his account at my.Scouting and change his e-mail address there. Then his e-mail will sync to Scoutbook.

The wife already has a BSA member ID number and a Scoutbook account. She does not need to be invited.

@TrentWhite The husband’s username is the wife’s e-mail address.

In order to get that changed, he will need to contact the local council. They might need to send a help ticket to National on his behalf.

When contacting the local council, he should specify what username he would like to use.

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