Trouble with den leader and spouse accounts

For whatever reason, the wife’s account is attached to the husband’s BSA number. I am unable to get the husband logged in, as the BSA number is attached to his email address. Any suggestions?

If I create a new account for her, and just change the name and email on the current account, would that cause issues?

If I delete her account, have him login as himself, then create a new account for her, does that cause issues?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Whose email address is on the account?

Upon further investigation, the husband has 2 bsa numbers, the wife has 1. The wife’s account has her email address, and 1 of his bsa numbers. The husband’s account has his email address, which in is connected to the bsa number the wife’s scoutbook, so he is having the issues logging in.

So to answer your question, the wife’s email is connected to the account.

So, get straightened out first. Talk to your council registrar about merging his bsa member numbers. They may have a preference of which to keep. Make sure the correct email addresses are associated with the correct account t there.

Then, wait a day and come back to SB. If the account has the wife’s email and name, but the husband’s member number, I’d say that is the Wife’s SB account. Send an email to with the account details and ask them to change the bsa member number.

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