Second parent scoutbook account

As of two weeks ago, we had one email/login for scoutbook with my email address, but mostly managed by my wife. Now as I am signed up as a volunteer, we have asked and created a second account with a second email address But unfortunately both accounts seems to show my name and I have a notification on my account that two accounts are using the same email address.

Can you please transfer the old account to my wife’s name - keep the same email address .
The new account would be with my name and the new email address. My YPT certification needs to be transferred to my new account as well.

@KrishnaBoddu1 you can post the various Scoutbook User ID #'s (no names) and we can look

Thank you for your help.

@KrishnaBoddu1 I deleted the emails for your privacy - I need the BSA #s or the Scoutbook User IDs in order to find the accounts

@KrishnaBoddu1 OK I see there are 2 accounts with your name. I put the email as you wanted and cleared the other email. I think your unit needs to make an account for your wife unless one exists

It does exist under XXXXXXXXXX , can you please update the name to XXXXXXXX instead of my name on that account. My unit cannot change the name and asked me to contact you.

@KrishnaBoddu1 as I said before - it is best your unit just start over on an account for her - we cannot change names.

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