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Parent/Scout entries

We have started using Scoutbook. How does it work if you have a parent or scout check off a requirement or add a Service/Hiking/Camping log entry?

Will we get a notification that a requirement was marked off? Also, we want to make sure we don’t have duplicate Service/Hiking/Camping log entries.

Hi, @ErinKaufman,

If something is marked Complete in Scoutbook (green checkmark), it will appear in the Needs Approval report. When a leader Approved the requirement/rank/award, the box turns blue, and it disappears from the Needs Approval report. Once all requirements for a rank or award are marked Complete, and Leader Approved, the award will appear in the Needs Purchasing and Needs Awarding reports. Once it is added to a Purchase Order, it will disappear from the Needs Purchasing report. Once it’s marked Awarded, the check box turns yellow and it disappears from the Needs Awarding report.

As far as not duplicating entries in the logs, that has to be managed through policy, rather than through the software itself. There is not a way to ensure that the same event isn’t entered with two different names in the logs at this time.

There are a wide variety of how-to’s and learning resources in the Scoutbook Knowledge Base.

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Thanks so much! This was very helpful.

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