Parent scoutbook account not reflecting current progress

Have a parent who isn’t seeing their scouts current progress in Scoutbook. Her recent rank advancement and latest mb aren’t showing as being earned. When I sign in everything is current. Is there something that she needs to do differently? She’s signing in on her pc.

Are you both seeing the same account (i.e. same BSA ID and same Scoutbook User ID) displayed below the scout’s photo in Scoutbook?

If you post the scout’s BSA ID (no names please!) the SUAC folks can investigate.

It means she has multiple accounts - post the BSA # of scout and we can take a look

Both mom and I see the same ids.

Scoutbook id: 11547212

BSA ID 137088030

First pic is mom. Second is mine.

Well mother has not logged in to attached user in several weeks - have mother log in to Scoutbook > go to My Profile > and what SB User # does she there for herself

she is logging into the wrong system. she needs to use address

On the pc, does it keep you logged in? She’s logged in currently and able to navigate between screens.

@MelissaVallet She is logged into a Test system not the main system at She needs to get out of there and log into the correct system

She’s logged out and got into the correct one. She isn’t sure how she got where she was. It must’ve popped up in her browser somehow. Thank you!

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