Parent signing in with google and getting sent to change password

My wife signed up for scout book, setup my kids, and added me as a parent. I accepted the invite and signed in with google. Things seemed fine for a while but now when I log in I get sent to enter my current password and then add a new one. Trying to do the password reset flow doesn’t work (I presume since I don’t have a current one).

In addition, if I circumvent the password change by clicking the home button I can navigate around scout book but can’t add myself as a den leader under “My Positions”, while my wife has that option. I’ve seen some other posts here around google signup being funny or certain account types needing to be setup via invite or direct sign up.

I am not posting my BSA number because I’m not sure if that should be posted publicly or if it’s ever used to verify anything. I’m new to being on the parent side of scouting and Den leader it and just trying to figure this all out! Thanks!

@HowardTyson - first thing… the scouting mobile app is just a parent/scout view of scoutbook data and not meant to be a leader resource. Second, only registered adults can be added as leaders in scoutbook. If you never submitted an adult application then you are not registered.

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@HowardTyson we have heard of this Login issue but have never been able to reproduce it. If you can provide a complete 1-2-3 of the steps it could help

  1. adult A completes online child application, sets up her profile in the process
  2. adult A invites adult B to join scoutbook at that child’s guardian
  3. adult B accepts the invite and logs in using google credentials, adult B volunteers to be den leader
  4. adult A can sign up as den leader, adult B cannot

Sounds like there was no way to get adult B properly registered? There was not an adult application online option.

Hey Stephen, Thanks for the heads up. scoutbook looks like the way to send messages about upcocming Den meetings to the scouts and also to record their progression through the lion adventures, is that not right? Is there another tool that should be used?

I have not submitted an adult application, it looks like that can only be done in paper form with the local unit?

Thanks for any help.

@HowardTyson - scoutbook is the best approach for den/scout/unit management. As far as adult applications it depends on the council/state. For PA there are multiple clearance and hoops to jump through so paper application is it.

@Stephen_Hornak gotcha. I am in PA and do have my clearances in and submitted. I’ll see what the unit has to say. Thank you.

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