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Using Google Sign-In but Scoutbook asks for its own new password

One of my Scouts tried creating a new Scoutbook account for the first time. He chose the option to sign in with Google. He entered his info and found his matching record. Scoutbook created his new login account, but every time logs in with his Google credentials, it brings him to the Scoutbook change password screen (enter your old password, then new password twice). However, because he’s using Google credentials, he has no Scoutbook username/password! We can’t get past the change password screen - we have tried clicking the back arrow, home button, continue (without entering anything), but can’t get past the screen. Is this a bug or are we missing a step?

Scouts shouldn’t be creating their own accounts, per se, but rather are supposed to be invited to connect by their parents from the bottom of the scout’s profile screen at:

scoutbook.scouting.org -> My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Family -> Scout’s name -> Scout’s Profile

Did the parent invite the scout to connect, and then the issue ensued, or did the scout attempt to connect on his own without a parent invite? I wanted to make sure we have the initial conditions clear before poking to see what might be causing the issue.

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Thanks for a speedy reply! All of our Scouts already have profiles in Scoutbook with our Troop and were invited to join by an Assistant Scoutmaster. If I understand correctly, they must create a login account for Scoutbook (choose a username and password). This Scout selected the Google sign in option.

Only a parent can Invite a Scout to have an Account > So did this ASM make themself parent of every Scout?


Expanding on @DonovanMcNeil’s comments, the scouts might already appear in the roster, but inviting them to be able to sign into the account that appears in the roster is a parent-only function.

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The ASM is an Adult Leader with full control but not a parent. I will have to check what he did.

But separately, for my own son, I was able to help him create an account without responding to an invitation (I didn’t invite him). We went directly to scoutbook.scouting.org, clicked new account, and set him up. We searched by his name and zip, and found a match to his record to our Troop. He chose Google login and is now able to sign in successfully.

it is interesting it worked but it is the wrong process and could cause issues - the correct way to invite a scout is for Parent to log into Scoutbook and go to Scouts page > Edit Profile > at bottom there is an invite button if not already invited - and this way is easier too

That sounds like an undocumented feature. :grinning: I agree with @DonovanMcNeil, though. The correct process works pretty reliably. As yet, the troop I serve hasn’t had any issues come up with scouts connecting to their account as long as the parent followed the instructions on how to invite them.

Thanks Charley and Donovan - so at this point sounds like I should email Scoutbook Support to have the account cleaned up or reset

there is no SB support I imagine all is good - you can post you son’s BSA # and I can look at account - but I tried this on test server myself

Actually, I think SUAC would need the BSA ID for the scout who’s having trouble connecting, which if I read things correctly, wasn’t @EltonDoi’s son.

On the original question - they need to leave the username blank and just click Google I believe

Correct - the other Scout (not my son) who is having trouble is BSA ID 128017339. He’s the one who can log in with his Google login but getting stuck on the change password screen. Thanks!

@DonovanMcNeil thanks for your help - I posted the BSA ID of the Scout who tries to log in using his Google ID but can’t get past the Scoutbook change password screen (since he doesn’t have a Scoutbook login). Should I contact SUAC and how would I do so?

I think it gets down to the need for the Parent Needs to Invite the Scout under the Scouts Edit Profile

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