Parent Unable to Initiate Transfer of AOL to Troop

I have a parent in my pack (SB User ID:12116680 BSA Member ID:13839890) who cannot see her AOL scout (SB User ID: 10421862 BSA Member ID: 136547560) under the transfer/multiple applications tab in my.scouting. How do I associate her scout to her account so she can initiate the transfer of her AOL to the troop that he has selected to join?

@JohnRennpferd This parent / adult leader has 2 BSA member ID numbers:

13839890 - primary
136547561 - secondary

Her first name is spelled slightly differently and her middle name is missing in one. If she contacts the local council, they can use their Registrar Tools to correct her name. They can also put all of her relationships under her primary number. They should remove her relationships under the secondary number to help prevent future issues.

As for making the transfer, if she uses Manage Member ID at my.Scouting, she should be able to temporarily switch to her secondary BSA number and make the transfer.

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