Relationship Error Transferring AOLs

I am trying to transfer AOLs from Pack 492 (National Capital Area) to Troop 492B (National Capital Area). The council registrar has added all of the parent relationships, but I still encounter this error:

“Failed to Transfer [name] member ID: [number]. Person has no valid parent/guardian relationship in our records. Please contact your local council registrar to update person’s information.”

Youth BSA - Parent BSA
12683546 - 12652837
136334060 - 136334061
12633113 - 12625537
12685351 - 13506048

@TravisStalcup has it been at least 24 hours?

Yes, it’s been almost a week.

so are you trying to transfer in or out? And has the other unit tried?

I am trying to transfer them OUT. I haven’t asked the Troop to try to transfer them IN.

more info we can hand off the better and more likely to get fixed. Work with troop and see if it works for them.

MYST Transfer in tool Unit.pdf (94.8 KB)