Parent unable to register new scout through online application

I have a family that is trying to register their youngest son for our Pack, but is being told they must be 18 to register. Both parents are over 18. They have two sons already in the pack and each have active logins with My Scouting and Scoutbook.

They followed the Pack URL from the Invitation system - My Scouting

When they try to register their youngest they receive an error about their age.

Husband - BSA Member # 135405280 // User ID 2524948
Wife - BSA Member # 13398506 // User ID 2431803

I can send their date of birth if need be. What can I do to help them?

We have used online registration for many years without issue. We had someone register this past weekend.

I imagine what they did when making the account is make one for the Scout NOT the parent (VERY Common mistake) so they are under 18. Have them start over and make the account for the parent first, then fill out the application for the Scout

MYST Application process.pdf (727.9 KB)