Parent who is MBC can't be found

One of parents who is signed up as a MDC for a while now is no long on the list of MBC for Merit Badges she supports. Is this a District issue or ScoutBook?
Thank you,

She can check if she is currently registered and approved for the badges by logging into and going to My Profile. Her registrations are listed under: Registered Positions
If it shows MBC, she can scroll down towards the bottom of the page is are the current and expired MBs assignments she has.

If there is a discrepancy there, she should

  1. go to manage member ID and make sure her merit badge counselor member ID is there and selected as PRIMARY
  2. If there is still an issue, she should contact her council’s Registrar

If she shows UP OK in my.scouting. You can give us her member ID (no names) and we can check further to see if SB is setup OK for her.

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