Parent with cub scout and scout BSA

I have a parent of a cub scout who can’t see her older scout. There appears to be a mix up with her accounts where there is one for cub scouts and one for scouts BSA. Is there a way to merge the two and have the ability to see them both at the same time in the app?

SB User ID: 12897004; Member ID: 14787574 should be the one tied to both scouts.
SB User ID: 13387634; Member ID: 140551620 is the wrong id and does not have her training on it either.


@WilliamGockman This should be fixed.

@WilliamGockman As a best practice, we recommend that units do not create accounts for adults inside of Scoutbook. Many parents already have a BSA member number, but creating a new account in Scoutbook will create another BSA member number (usually without a date of birth) and another username at my.scouting.

It’s usually better for parents to create an account for themselves at my.scouting (assuming they do not already have one). With single sign on, they just need to log in to Scoutbook with the same username and password.

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Thank you. That was my mistake in making the other account. I searched and the parent never came up as found.

Thanks again

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