Parent won't stay connected to scout

I stopped receiving emails from my son’s troop about 2 months ago after 7 years with no issue. I then realized that I was no longer connected to my scout, and each time I reestablish the connection it disconnects the following day. My husband is still connected to him and receiving all emails (all gmail addresses). SB user 1570756. BSA 12542816 Please advise.

@KimRitger - perhaps the BSA ID would be helpful as well. How are you processing the reconnect? I would even suggest screenshots of what you see or dont see for that matter. I know as a unit CC and admin i can not break a parent connection.

When the connection is processed, I then seem to have full access back to my son’s account (and my husband who is also connected gets an email verification that I have been connected). However it only ever lasts a few hours before I’m disconnected again and can no longer see my son’s account. I will try to take some pics.

@KimRitger - what are the steps you are taking to make that connection?

I log in, click on my connections, connect to my scout, search for my son, connect. It says successfully connected and I now have full connection permissions and can access his account and the troop again.

@KimRitger There seems to be a bug related to the automated member update. We have reported it to the developers.

So this would also be why I’m no longer receiving any emails from the troop?

Yes, but there is a separate e-mail issue (please see the banner message).

So it appears that this is just a scoutbook issue preventing me from getting any communications from my son’s troop. It’s becoming extremely problematic not receiving any comms from the troop–is there a timeline on when any of this will be fixed?

Does anyone know if more than one parent can be connected to a scout now?

Yes more than one parent can be connected

So my sudden inability to stay connected to my scout has to do with some bug in the system?

It is in the backlog - it is effecting a handful of users - but all looks perfect from what we see

So every time I connect to my scout, I get connected for a few hours and then it disconnects me again. I’m not sure if this is why I’m not receiving emails or if it is the email glitch.

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Yes, that is the issue we have reported to the developers.

Im having the same issue with a parent in my troop. It has been going on for a month with no status or response from BSA IT. Very disappointing.

How have you contacted BSA IT?

@KimRitger I am going to try a fix for you and one of your Scouts - well I guess it is just one - please tell me if it holds

Thank you! I appear to currently be re-connected to him. Generally, it disconnects me overnight.

Yeah I erased you as a parent and set it up again to see if that worked - could be a clue at least