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Need to send invite email,

none of my scouts on their profile have a space for email. I followed someones instructions for invite, and it wasnt there. how do I invite scouts and parents so they have access to their page and their patrol stuff. need to add their emails so they get messages

Hi, @HeatherPhillips,

There is some guidance here on onboarding new scouts and parents.

Short form: only connected parents can invite their scouts to connect to Scoutbook, so unit admins can’t see the email option for the scouts. The best way to locate adults (leader or parent) is to search by their email address. If you still have copies of the new scout applications, you’ll want to use the email address from that. Each account (parent or youth) must have a unique email address, so you can’t reuse the same email for both parents or for the scouts.

One of my scouts had her mother enroll her, and I dont think she added an email. If she did, its no longer usable. I have a new email address that needs to be added.

I don’t think you can invite a scout to connect without entering an email address for the scout. If the email address was wrong/unusable, then I think that (if the scout hasn’t yet connected) the parent can re-invite the scout with the correct email address. If the scout already connected, he or she should be able to log in and change their own email address.

If the neither the parent nor the scout can login and correct the email address, then you’ll have to send email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with as many details about the scout’s account as you can determine (scout’s full name, BSA ID, ideally the ScoutUserID from the URL in the browser address bar when you navigate to:

My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> Scout’s name

It will look like this:


This is interesting as I checked my daughters’ accounts. For my 2 daughters who have accepted their accounts, there is no email address listed, no indication that they have an account, and no way to “revoke” their account. Thus no real “interface” as you indicate.

For my 3rd daughter who hasn’t accepted or logged in yet, there is the option to invite again.

This does seem to be an area that is missing interface options. An ability to change the email address, reinvite, or something.

Yeah, if my phrasing implied there was an interface, that was an error. What I meant was what you’re seeing, @Matt.Johnson. I don’t see my son’s email address because he already connected. I created a “test” scout that I connected to as a parent, and saw the invite to connect at the bottom of the profile page.

No, you didn’t imply that. I was surprised that it basically said nothing.

What I would expect interface wise is:

-keep the current unconnected Scouts as is. I think that is fine and clear.

-once a Scout is connected, I would expect it to say “this scout has their own Scoutbook account using email address
janescout@gmail.com”. I would also expect it to have a means of disconnecting the Scout and/or changing the email address.



There is a security hole in allowing someone other than the account owner to change the e-mail address and thus be able to get a new password for the account. This is why only the account holder can change an e-mail address once they connect to the account.

I guess since this was a <18 year old account, I assumed it would be permissible as the parent account is custodial. As the custodian, though, I would expect the parent to be able to see that the Scout has their own account and what email
they are using for it.

My updated interface:

-keep the current unconnected Scouts as is. I think that is fine and clear.

-once a Scout is connected, I would expect it to say “this scout has their own Scoutbook account using email address
janescout@gmail.com ”. This field would be read-only. I would also expect it to have a means of disconnecting the Scout (basically, if a parent can give permission, they can remove permission). Have a small note that
says a Scout must request their own password resets.


Anyone with a full control connection to the Scout can make themselves or anyone else Parent/Guardian. There is not one single “custodian” of the account. This is why once a Scout connects, the e-mail address is not visible nor changeable. If the e-mail is lost and the account can’t be accessed, a parent can contact Scoutbook Member Care for assistance.

That helps me understand the logic. I guess if a parent no longer wanted a Scout to have an account, member care could do that too?

I guess I still find it odd that there is no visual interface to see which scouts have accounts and which don’t other than going to messages and see who shows up under Scouts.

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