Parents cannot login or change password

Hello, I have a couple of parents that cannot login Scoutbook. I have advised them to reset their password but they do not get the reset link. I told them to reset via but they are getting stuck. Here’s a screenshot.

I checked and this parent has 2 accounts.

  1. AdultUserID=10130004&UnitID=212416&DenID=&PatrolID=115382 with BSA ID 137284964
  2. ScoutUserID=10130001&ConnectionID=57097314&UnitID=212416&DenID=&PatrolID=115382 with BSA ID 13842203

The second parent’s info: ScoutUserID=7900978&ConnectionID=47550144&UnitID=212416&DenID=&PatrolID=126426 with BSA ID 12557603

Please let me know how I can help them. We have asked parents in our Troop to take YPT and these two have had a difficult time accessing their account to do the training as well.

Thank you in advance.

@MHTroop511KDC First one is reset to “Training1”

Second one they need to reset using BOT at bottom right of or council can reset it

Thank you. Does it mean parent 1 received a reset link or email?

I do not believe so - you can inform them of what the password is

Oh got it! You mean the password is Training1. Thanks!

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