Parents email not showing up in Scoutbook

This particular parent is on the committee, so she has a BSA ID and her email/contact info is correct there. But when I try to link that ID as a connection to her child in Scoutbook, she doesn’t have an email address displayed like everyone else (and doesn’t receive troop emails).

I’ve tried deleting her connection in SB and readding her, but that didn’t work. Am I missing something?

Her ID is:. 12418250



@TimGross This parent is not a registered adult leader. She does appear to be connected to her child in Scoutbook.

She has the opt out of Scoutbook messaging turned on. She can switch the toggle off by:

  1. Log in to Scoutbook at:
  2. Go to: My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email → Messaging Opt-Out
  3. Slide the toggle to the left / off position.
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Oh my gosh, I wish I knew it was something that easy. I spent way too much time tying to figure out what was wrong.

Apologies, I assumed they registered her as a leader since she had a BSA ID.

I’ll have her give that a try. Thanks so much!


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