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Parents showing in different council in Scoutbook

Im trying for that 50/50 . I had to wait for the recharter paperwork so as to help them connect . Its been 2 months these folks have been in the Pack :’(

I’m confused as to what you think is wrong if it shows correctly on your side. Where are you seeing something as incorrect?

@DonovanMcNeil Changing councils alone doesn’t work at the user / unit level. You need an admin to intervene.

USPS Zip Code Boundaries

There are apparently about 13 USPS Zip Codes that include a state boundary due to being in a remote area or being for a military base that includes two states.

My understanding are a few US Census Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) include state boundaries. I do not know if this is true for the 2020 Census or not.

USPS Zip Codes are based on how mail is delivered. There are USPS Zip Codes (for example, APO, FPO and DPO mail addresses) that are not geographical defined and cross state and/or country boundaries.



Refer to pictures i have added in my previous comment . Since we did Google meet ,the parent screenshared and then I asked for screenshots to send here as well as to my council .
Did get a reply from my council admin who had to check with National , pasting screenshot here .

I think its a glitch in the system which needs to be checked .

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@Bill_W I didn’t realize there were any zip codes that cross state lines (the military base exceptions would make sense). Anyhow, locally there aren’t any zipcodes shared by Hampshire County, WV & Frederick County, VA, but more to the point I think @ElizabethMathew 's council has uncovered the real culprit.

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@RickHillenbrand there are cities where only pack is one council - only troop is another

I’m sure there are … Hampshire County, WV has that exact situation today.

I am sure there are some Scouting families that have a second summer home in a different council.

There are also councils that surround another council. For example, in California the Golden Gate Area Council surrounds the Piedmont Council.

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