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Parents showing in different council in Scoutbook

My pack is in the border of another Council . When parents were sent invite to connect to cubscout through Scoutbook we discovered that they are in the other council ; while some have our council BSA Id , some have a different BSA id itself . We cant use Manage Member id in that case , how do I help these parents ?

Is there something that they can’t do because of this, or is being listed in the wrong council the only issue?

The Lion and Tiger parents are adult partners ,we want them to do YPT . It would be great if they are all in the same council . Even a parent who has been Advancement Coordinator in another Pack is listed in another council .
Dont want them to think that we didnt move them to same council as their child .Also since they are brand new , dont want them to have to deal with it.

If they are registered in your pack as adult partners, they also have a member number in your council. They can log into my.scouting.org, click menu > manage member ID. Then, they enter the one from your roster and make it primary.

Since their primary shows as the other Council , the parent isnt able to add the member number from our Council . Not sure if its a glitch in the system .

@ElizabethMathew MIDs are locked - if you post New/Old Mids for the Parents we can take a look

If you are referring to Manage Member ID (at my.scouting), it won’t work if their name or date of birth is different.

@DonovanMcNeil its almost the whole Pack specially all the new parents . I have ids of Lion and Tiger adult partners as its in the recharter , but im not sure about the Wolf to Webelos rank parents as wellas those whom I added as parent /guardian . The new second parent added I cant even see BSA Member id .
I belong to Pack 416 Etowah district NorthEast Georgia Council . The Pack borders Atlanta Area Council . Hope this helps. I have Recharter BSA ids for Lion and Tiger Parents which I can share as an email as its for more than 10 cubs just in Lions and Tigers .I also have 5 Wolves ,1 bear and 2 Webelos . This isnt including older cubs in the system from last year .

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what it most likely means is the parents you have MIDs of in Scoutbook - probably have 2 SB users - the one you made with the unit, and one made with that youth application. But most parents will never see the council in SB

Why are so many of your parents creating my.scouting accounts? Is this in order to complete online applications for their kids?

They didnt . We gave paper applications during Round Up and waited for Scoutbook to update . But when I sent them Scoutbook invite , I dont know what happened . This pack is in the border and im not sure they are getting added to the other Council due to their address .

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Yes, when you create a my.scouting account, it assigns a member number based on zip code, and council borders often don’t work right. But something is broken in the process if they are getting another member number when they follow the steps to accept the scoutbook invite.

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These parents didnt create a my,scouting.org account .

All the parents are reluctant to accept Scoutbook invite so I have a Google Meet where as they log in , I help them step by Step .
They accepted the Scoutbook invite and logged into their Scoutbook , then clicked My dashboard and then My account , their profile showed Atlanta Area Council . In their Edit profile , it showed a different BSA id number with no Council listed . That was when we checked Manage member id , it takes them to my.scouting.org showing Atlanta Area council with same Member id as in picture . This is Tiger parent Alok G with BSA id #137378015 in NEGA .

This is his Scoutbook information on my side

Next is Lion Parent who has been Advancement chair in Pack 805 , her Scoutbook shows image below.

But when she did SSO and did Manage member id to merge her Adult Parent account created due to Lion son , her my.scouting.org shows same BSA Id but different council.In fact her Lion Adult Partner BSA Id is #137382567

This is the wolf parent , while it shows on my side in Scoutbook this .

This was what showed when we saw different member id with no Council , did SSO and checked Manage member id.

Reason I ask the parents to do SSO is so that they dont get double Ids and its easy to goto Training from Scoutbook .

It’s not your imagination. @BillNelson1 is aware that my unit frequently has the same issue. We are in Laurel Highlands Council (Hampshire county, WV), next door to Shenandoah Area Council (Frederick county, VA) and the system often puts new system created MIDs in Shenandoah Area Council as can be determined by the CSP image.

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A council can say it serves all or parts of a list of zip codes. However a zip code can be served by more than one council.

USPS zip codes can have strange boundaries. Zip codes areas can include more than one county. Zip codes boundaries can also change over time.

That can make mantaining a location database difficult.

I don’t disagree, but to the best of my knowledge no zip code cross state lines… :open_mouth:

Is this a bug which can be fixed ?

@ElizabethMathew just go into profile and change the council - very easy

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Will ask the parents to change on their side as it shows the correct council on my side . I need to make them all connect first with their cub which is taking long . For us its just an hour a week right as volunteers . New parents dont understand that :’(

@ElizabethMathew even in packs - a 50% parent connect rate is pretty good

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