Partial Merit Badges disappeared when migrating systems and Troops?

My son had several partial Merit Badges when we moved this summer. They were visible in Scoutbook at the time. We joined a new Troop after moving that uses Troopwebhost instead of Scoutbook. All of his partial Merit Badges have disappeared. He has been removed from the old troop in Scoutbook and I can no longer see the partial merit badges when i look at his profile. The old Troop had gone completely digital so there were no blue cards to document his progress.

Time is of the essence as he is very close to making Eagle but he needs to complete a very few requirements for Camping and Communication. These badges take time and he will age out before he can complete from scratch. Any suggestions?

It is probably cause he is not in a SB Troop - go to his profile > Reports > do a Scout History report - see if it is there @RoyDarby

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@RoyDarby - was this move from one council to another ? That would have caused a new bsa id to be created. You could post the BSA ID.

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Thanks Donovan, that did the trick. The report listed EVERYTHING out. The new merit badge coordinator said that he would put them into Troopwebhost if I had a printout or other evidence from Scoutbook so we are squared away now.

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@RoyDarby Your Scout got a new BSA member number when he transferred councils. The Scout was was registered in Council 1 without the Scout’s middle name. The Scout was registered in Council 2 with the Scout’s middle name. When the name does not match exactly, a new Scoutbook account is sometimes created.

I have merged your Scout’s Scoutbook accounts. I also sent you a private message.


Yes, it was to a new council. I was able to print out the information I needed with a Scout History report. Thank you for your assistance.

You should also be able to print out the blue cards in Scoutbook.

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