Missing Partial Meri badges

My sons Partial Merit badges disappeared from Scoutbook. How does he get those back


Which partial MBs are missing?

@KellySlater looking at your Scout and at our test server - on Test I see Canoeing and Wilderness Survival as partials that I do not see in SB Production. Is it those 2? UserID=2168499

Yes, those are the 2 i cannot see any longer

Does Scout have blue cards?

No, They were both started at a camp

We have asked the developers to investigate.

How did the partials get into Scoutbook initially?

I believe by the advancement chair. The report that come back after camp.

He did go to merit badge day. Not sure if something being updated with the 2 badge classes he attended there

Unit admin might be able to see what happened using the Audit Log

Ok Thank you. I will let let them know

Notes: Wilderness Survival 1-5,7, 9-11 were complete approved - 6, 8, 12 were not marked
Canoe - 1a,b, 2-6, 7a, 8-9, 10a-b, 11, 12a, 13d were marked complete and approved

@KellySlater they were deleted 9/16 - but we cannot tell who deleted them. Might be someone cleaning up 0% MBs cause 2 of those were cleared for him too. But the Notes on what was marked match the % that they were at so they can be rebuilt.

I will past this on the advancement chair . Thank you!

We have also had some Scout with partial merit badges deleted sometime in the last 6 weeks. I have checked our audit report, and don’t see where they were deleted. Is there any other way to find out what happened?

@DavidVankleeck what is SB User ID and what MBs?



Here you go. Hope I did not do anything… Looking at his stuff.

wilderness surviral and canoe

@KellySlater I think a script will be run to reverse this - we will see

It seems to be pretty widespread following a bulk upload by the council administrator for a district merit badge day. I’m the administrator, and I did not notice anything unusual with the upload. The scouts affected were all attendees at the merit badge day.