Password reset not working on verified account


I’m the parent of a Scout, who in the past has accepted the invitation to ScoutBook. He receives weekly emails from ScoutBook. When he attempts the password reset procedure, the email never shows up. He has checked all email folders, including the junk folder. Can someone please look into this?

Scout’s user ID: 4616141
Scout’s BSA: 127492898

@FredWeisbrod it says you logged in like 6 minutes ago. Try a private window

@FredWeisbrod Is your Scout trying to use the password reset at my.scouting using the Betty chatbot?


I logged in just recently, but my scout didn’t not. I’ll find out what password reset method he’s using.

That was not my Scout; I logged into my account. Are you able to see the last time User ID: 4616141 logged into Scoutbook?

No, he’s trying to reset the password at:

@FredWeisbrod Try having the Scout reset the password at my.scouting using the “Betty” chatbot.

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