Patrol Admin permissions not updating existing leaders

We are trying to limit the Patrol Admin role permissions to NOT allow Edit Advancements leaving it entirely to the Unit Advancement Chair role. When making the change it seems to be accepted in the Permissions by Position section. After update, there are no checkboxes in Edit Advancement column for either Patrol Admin or Patrol Admin (Patrol). However, it does not update the specific leaders already in those roles like it does when changing permissions for other leader roles. Why won’t it force the leader into the desired Permissions by Position choices? Do I have to go back to each Patrol Admin individually and each Scout within their Patrol to remove?

Patrol Admins have Full Control permissions to all Scouts in the patrol. There is no way to limit it.

Are you trying to give Patrol Admins a way to access the calendar?

It also seems that you are using the Feature extension as the permission by position is from that add-in.

Yes on Feature Assistant, no on Calendar comment. We were just trying to limit the Awarding checkbox to only Unit Advancement Chairs to reduce # of potential folks to award requirements.

It is not possible to remove Full Control connections between Unit and Patrol Admins and Scouts in their Unit or Patrol, or parents to their own children.

Approving advancement is the job of the Scoutmaster or those designated by the Scoutmaster. Ideally it would be the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters as those the leaders responsible for advancement. The leader who signs the Scout’s handbook after testing the Scout is the leader that should mark the Scout’s advancement approved. In the case of an older Scout signing off for a younger Scout, an adult unit leader should approve the advancement in Scoutbook. When this happens in my troop, I indicate in the note field the name of the Scout that signed the handbook.


Adding on to @edavignon’s comments regarding Full Control, marking items Awarded is not separable from marking items Leader Approved, and neither of which is separable from being an “X Admin”. Generally, we’ve found that additional training of the folks who are designated as “admins” encourages more methodical and careful use of the software features. We put particular emphasis on the difficulty of reversing an “Approve All” or “Quick Entry”. It hasn’t been perfect, but horror stories of the aftermath have largely reinforced the idea that you have to be careful with these tools.

We do something similar to what @edavignon described. We have ASMs assigned to each patrol whose role in Scoutbook (as Patrol Admins) is to make sure that completed and reviewed work is Leader Approved in Scoutbook, based on what has been signed-off by designated youth or adult leaders. That way, scouts are able to keep their electronic “handbook” current with their hardcopy.

What functionality are you looking for from the folks assigned as Patrol Admins that would not include the ability to mark advancement Leader Approved? I’m wondering if there’s a more effective way to achieve what you’re looking to do, rather than trying to hack the permissions on the admin role.

I guess what we are trying to accomplish is we currently have three Unit Advancement Chairs that handle entry for all rank requirements, SM conferences and BORs. The SM and Patrol Advisors send email to one group email stating what they have reviewed/approved and the Unit Advancement Chairs divvy up do the rest, which I guess would be similar to the ASM process described. I guess I am looking at the SM and Patrol Advisors to stop at Leader/Approved and let the Unit Advancement Chair do the final Awarding and Needs Purchasing. It sounds like we’ll have to do that with training and trust. Thanks everyone!

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