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Payment Logs and Paypal

I’ve followed the instructions to connect PayPal to our troop Scoutbook account. However, I don’t seem to be able to actually use it. When I go to my daughter’s payment log, the “PayPal Payment” category isn’t showing up.

What am I doing wrong here?

Did she have anything charged to her account? I don’t think it shows unless there is a charge.

Also, it could be that you have to be logged into the parent account that is linked with her account to do payments.

I added her membership fee, and still only the categories I have manually added in the past are showing up. Am I supposed to add the “PayPal Payment” category myself?

Well, that’s my main Scoutbook account; I don’t have another one.

Oh. The instructions are wrong. They say:

In Scoutbook.com, parent/guardians can navigate to their Scout’s account page, select payment logs and add a payment. In Categories, select PayPal Payment.

Instead, one must navigate to the actual log item you want to pay for, and a big PayPal button appears.

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