Pending Applicant Acceptance-no email

I have a paid Lion Scout reassigned to my pack. It is in the “pending acceptance stage”. However, the dad did not put an email on the application so he did not receive an email to accept change (yes we talked to him and he is very happy to change packs as the one he applied to has now folded)
**He also says he does not remember creating a login while doing the app.
So two questions.

  1. Where does he go to accept?
  2. At what point in the online application process is the my.scouting account created? Council said since application has not been accepted, he has no member id and no my.scouting account, just application number.
    I’ve been registered since 2007 and missing the paper process right now.

They create the my.scouting account before submitting the application. So, they have one.

It should be under menu > my application.

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