Pending Applicant Agreement - Parent says has not seen email

I have a Scout who’s parent says they have NOT received the email to approve the application. So they are still sitting at “Pending Applicant Agreement” Status.

Is there a template or email address that I can pass along to the mom so knows what to be looking for in her email?

We have been sitting on this for quite sometime My council told me it was a National issue and didn’t believe me when the parent (applicant) was to approve this reassignment. I just watched the video and it says the same thing!!

Thank you for the help!


If your Council cannot solve the problem and believes it is a national issue, they need to open a ticket. Members have no ability to open tickets on their own.

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They thought it was a National issue because nothing was being done. After watching the video the applicant is to receive an email. To my knowledge our council hasn’t done anything… no ticket… nothing…

Mom has some unique challenges. I just thought it I knew what the email looked like or the address it would be coming from I could pass that along to her to help her search her email so see if she did or didn’t in fact receive.

I don’t think the parent receives an email with anything they have to agree to. Last I saw the parent does everything all in one sitting. Then, for youth, one of the key 3 logs in and approves it. Are you sure it’s not just ready for key 3 approval?

According to the video I watched, it said the applicant would receive an email for approval. Then it would go to the unit was reassigned to (which would be my unit) for approval.

I have full access as I am a key 3 and I have no approval button. This is what is shows.

This might need to be a National ticket… I just thought I would see if anyone here could help because my council isn’t getting anywhere. I feel bad for the parent.

This looks like a special case where they applied to the wrong unit initially, and it had to be reassigned. So, that makes sense that they have to approve that. Can the parent log back in to find the application and approve it without the email?

You are correct in the stages of this event!! I’m going to see if Mom can login. I need to get her screenshots and step by step path to get there.

Thank you for the help!!

I have the same issue with a parent who can’t see a way to approve his Scout’s reassignment (he applied to the wrong Troop). He logged into my.scouting and also doesn’t see a spot on there to “approve” anything.

He also applied to the wrong Troop as a leader, but I reassigned him and it came through as approved at some point. The piece I’m missing is how it looks on the user’s end- is it an email and, if they can’t find it, is there a way to approve it in my.scouting?

So, my question is, does anyone know what this looks like on the user’s end?

BTW, I have access as both the COR delegate for the Troop and I’m also the District Commissioner, so I’m actually the one who reassigned both Dad and Scout.

@JennyGoguen You used to be able to see past applications submitted under my application. I would think the parent could click on that and find a button somewhere to accept the reassignment. I know the my application options have changed a little. So, it might take a little hunting to find it.