Den Leader Vanished

We’re missing a den leader who has been assigned for a full year. She just vanished from Scoutbook. Her member ID is 138995806

that is a bad # - please check again @DianaSmith

  1. Try that number - sorrry

Just kidding - 13894806

That person is not a registered Leader - they need to fill out an adult application

I have another den leader who is not a paid member. What is the difference?

And how did they have access and were listed for 6 months before just vanishing?

The person you provided the MID for is only a registered as a Tiger Adult Partner. This is not a registered leader position. You need to register her as a Tiger Den Leader if she leads the Tiger den or Den Leader if she leads a Lion, Wolf or Bear den.

The other person could have another registration, thus Scoutbook will allow them to be listed as a Den Leader. Post that MID and we will look.

But the person I already gave you was listed as the den leader and then vanished

There was a change earlier this year to only allow registered leaders to have access to Scouts in Scoutbook. Her access didn’t just change, according to the database, she lost access as a den leader on 4/1/22.

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Gotcha. The other leader is 13772333

Do I need to turn in a paper application for the one that vanished

If your council supports online registration she can register that way. If it does not, you will need a paper application

NM should not be on the roster as a Den Leader because she is not registered. I can see she only has visibility to her children in Scoutbook which makes it very hard to be a den leader. You should properly register both.

@DianaSmith as Chair you are liable for your units actions. So if something happens with a leader you have that is not registered, it could fall on you. All leaders need to be registered.

NM is listed as the den leader. How do I know if they are adult leaders from here on out and how exactly do I register them online?

When you say registered, do you mean a paid member or just rousted in my. Scouting? has the official leader roster - you can see it there as Key 3. If you unit is set up for they might be able to register there depending on your state.

They will appear on your roster at

Yes, Den Leader is a paid position with YPT and a criminal background check.

Did the rule about den leaders needing to be paid members just change or was I handed down misinformation?

Den Leaders have always been a registered position

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