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Viewing Advancement as Cubmaster

So, I’m the Cubmaster. Shouldn’t I be able to see advancement and stuff of all of the scouts in the pack? I feel stupid. I’m just clicking around and feel like I’m clicking around in circles going nowhere. All I can view are the kids in my son’s den. It actually feels like I don’t have all of the permissions, or something. All of the other kids I get an alert saying I’m not connected with the scout. Am I supposed to go through and connect myself with each one? I figure I’d automatically be able to just view them and their advancement.

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Hi, @JasonMott1,

Try going to: My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> your name, click on the Unit Admin position, check the box and the large red button. Do the same thing with your Cubmaster role. Sometimes the admin-level permissions get glitchy and thus usually resets them.

The trick is path-dependent, so it won’t work if you go via My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Positions.


Apparently, I realized late last night that I have two logins. I’ve been logging in with one email address all this time and noticed that I should’ve been logging in with the other. That explains why I appeared to have regular scout parent access. My Cubmaster permissions were on the other one and I didn’t know about it. Obviously, I’ve been rather frustrated about this for a while.

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You should be logging in with the same username you use for training and other tools and my.scouting.org.

I’d send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org and ask them to merge them. Include as much info as you can about both including your unit and council and which you want to keep.

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