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Person BSA Number wont connect

Hi I have a Den Leader i set up in Scoutbook prior to his Adult App being completed (it is still not completed) He did do YTP Training so I know that he has a BSA Number when i try and put it in his profile it wont take it saying it is already in use. I searched and found it under his name but more formal. Is there a way to put these two accounts together or do I need to just delete the one I made and let him re do the one that is automatically in? IT also said he is already connected to scoutbook under the name with the BSA Number is this because he has the same user name and password?

Little puzzled on this one.

And the name with his BSA Number attached does not show up in either roster Scoutbook or My.scouting

When you say “not completed” do you mean that it hasn’t yet been processed by council, or that the adult hasn’t yet turned in the application to your unit for review, approval, and transmittal to council? Personally, I would be hesitant to connect an adult whose application hasn’t yet been sent to council to the unit as a leader.

That’s probably because he hasn’t yet been registered, but an account was automatically created in the person database to match the BSA ID generated by my.scouting for the new account there. Once he’s registered, assuming that the registration paperwork has the name & email matching what the leader used to register at my.scouting, then this account should become connected to your unit.

This used to be handled through Scoutbook’s email support. However, volunteers no longer have direct access to support, and have to go through council, who can request support. What is in the account you created? Is there really anything that needs to be “copied” to the account with his BSA ID (i’ll call this one his “YPT” account), or is what you created basically a blank account, and all you’ve added are connections? It might not be worth the trouble of trying to have them merged if there’s not really much information in the one you created to merge.

I’m not quite sure what you mean in this context. Do you mean that you’re unable to reuse his email address, and it claims to be in use by another account? That might be because of the “YPT” account that was automatically created.


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  1. So I made him a den leader and due to issues getting his application to council they have not yet finished final processing. He has an account in Scoutbook that I made about a month ago. What makes you hesitant to do that? We have all the checks and YTP so we know he is ok LOL

  2. So your saying once his app is approved an entered his Current Scoutbook profile should get updated and connected?

  3. His YPT Account is just blank as I manually entered him in Scoutbook and this is the account he is Using we just kept getting the error the BSA Number already exists and so we could not edit that profile with his BSA Number because of the YPT Account. OK. I will just delete the YPT out of Scoutbooks again. How do I delete an account?

  4. IT gave an Error because of his YPT Account (BSA Number) It would not let us put that in the manually created profile…

All in all not a big deal if once he gets in My. Scouting the system updates the profile I manually entered and does not have a BSA Number in it.

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I don’t add a leader before their application has been approved by our chartering org, since the charter hasn’t approved their application, YPT or not. I understood your original post to indicate that his application hadn’t yet gone to council. Generally for us, that means the chartering org rep hasn’t yet signed it.

This is the opposite of what will happen, I suspect. More likely, it will attempt to update the account that has the BSA ID and YPT associated with it.

It looks like @edavignon is on the case, and he has more visibility on the system, being part of SUAC, than I do. I’ll try to stay out of the way.

No these are good answers from both of you… I got under the assumption we could do manual accounts that once they did YPT would automatically come together. So I know now to wait till they do YPT.

2nd Question now… Once they create a Scoutbook account isnt that to go to My.Scouting and should it not be then making a BSA ID even if they take no training. IF yes should not that BSA ID Come back to the matching account in Scoutbook?

I believe that, when the registrar “creates” an account for adults who are already assigned a BSA ID by my.scouting, the registrar can change the BSA ID from the generic assigned by my.scouting to one that is associated with their council. That assumed that BSA ID was included on the application so the registrar knows about it.

The key here is making sure that all of the information used to create the my.scouting account matches with what’s on the application (full name, email address, DOB, address, etc). That should tie the two together when the registrar starts creating the leader’s account. If for some reason you needed access to the account prior to the registrar completing the registration process and associating them with your unit, you could start by searching for the user’s account based on the email address from their adult application and/or the BSA ID on their YPT certificate. Then, you could associate that account with your unit. There is some fiddling around that could be done with the Switch SSO tool in the account, but life is a lot easier all around if you’re connected into the correct account to begin with.


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