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Hello, Does this work, my account does not seem able to open new questions on this forum

BAD MEMBER ID = 133738044

yeah that is the wrong MID - 12593692 - is your registered one - let me look at it

@PatrickMaguire - how are you listed at and do you perhaps have another bsa id

Could something have happened in Recharter, this appears to have occurred in NOV of 22 as well (you are on this thread as well :slight_smile:

This is my.scouting

THis is Scoutbook

I hope you were able to see the screen captures I attached to that email, and I am sure you will but please use the one that has my training…



@PatrickMaguire - so the id numbers are the same. Now the other thing to look at is your registered positions in and if you can see the unit roster there. Does anyone else show the caution symbol in scoutbook?

@PatrickMaguire your 2 MIDs got flipped - this is fixed - you are registered as an ASM

Last November you corrected that and replied to me: “that is the wrong MID - 12593692 - is your registered one - let me look at it - you should be set - only use the 692 one”

I see NOTHING in scoutbook now, just
SB User ID:

Do I now have THREE member IDs?

@PatrickMaguire recharter probably flipped the MIDs - it is fixed now if you log in

I think it needs to be set to “12593692”

I see an almost blank page in Scoutbook, does it take time to propagate through the system?


You need to log out of all BSA systems - then log in

HA, I had logged out of everything except this window!!! Once I did that I am all good. Thank you again for all you do.

Hi, I’m having the same problem with one of my den leaders.

110161190 Good ID

The IDs got flipped after recharter posted. Would you be able to flip it back to 110161190 please?
Thank you

@JulieClopper that is fixed

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