The Exclamation Point is Back

Hello, I have an adult leader who has the Yellow Exclamation and the hover says “Not on Official Unit Roster in my.scouting”

Member ID = 133738044

Any help would be appreciated

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Thank you!)

@PatrickMaguire what unit are you seeing this in

Troop215 & Pack51

They were getting ready for rechartering this week, so maybe they did something? Does that mean I get the hour a week back?

yeah that is the wrong MID - 12593692 - is your registered one - let me look at it

OK @PatrickMaguire you should be set - only use the 692 one

Thanks so much, was that other ID for my son? (same name)

Not it is just a parent one - Shows a lazy council for not first searching for the name

Thanks, do you know anywhere in myscouting where I can find who specifically is listed as my Institutional Head?

That is a council question

@PatrickMaguire - i checked on the MYST mobile app and on the unit roster it listed the Executive officer or Institutional Head.

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Our IH appears in our official roster at my.scouting as “Executive Officer”. I don’t know if those are different names for the same position, or if our IH also happens to be the XO.

@CharleyHamilton - the executive officer and institution head are one and the same.


Login to>Menu>Your Unit>Organizational Manager>Position Manager>Executive Officer.

Key 3 or Key 3 delegate are the only ones with access to this screen. You will have to talk to your council about the process to change this. It cannot be done online.

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