Phantom Scouts showing in Dropdown and patrol count, but not in Unit Roster

We have two Scouts that used to be in our unit. Our council moved their accounts (I did not transfer them, and to the best of my knowledge the new Scoutmaster didn’t pull them, but maybe).

When I click on my unit, then click on a Scout, and then click the dropdown with the Scout’s name (to select a different Scout), I can see both of their names as assigned to their new unit, and their new patrol… that is so strange, I should not be able to see someone else’s unit/patrol info.

For my unit, if I click a patrol that one of the old scout used to be in, it shows a qty of 3 Scout even though only two are currently assigned to this patrol. When I click on the patrol to go to the patrol page, only two names show (the phantom Scout does not show up). The quantities are correct on the patrol page. The quantities are incorrect on the unit page, where the patrols/qty’s are listed.

When I click on roster, the phantom Scouts do not appear.

When I click on connections manager, the phantom Scouts do not appear.

If I click on a Scout, then click on the drop down to switch to another Scout, I can see both of those Scouts in the dropdown…

What the heck? They are like half there and half not.

One Scout’s MID is 135439084. I can click on him and see his profile. I used to be a MB counselor for him, but am not any longer. I used to be his Pack den leader, but am not any longer. I think this is the Scout that is making the patrol count be off, but am not sure.

No idea the MID of the other one. I was never linked to him in anyway. I can’t select him or get to his profile. He just shows up in the drop down and is in the same patrol as the other Scout. I can’t see any other members of their patrol (if there are any, no idea).

@Yddeyma you are still connected as MBC - try going to my connection and Clean Old Connections (do both - plain and MBC one)

Partial Success?

I clicked my profile, then My Connections. I clicked clean old connections and clean MB connections. Neither worked. I scrolled down to the Scout that I know the MID of and who I was a MB counselor for, he had an X by his name. I clicked it and he disappeared. He no longer shows up in the drop down, but the patrol qty count is still off.

The other Scout, I can see in my connections list, but if I click on him it just takes me back to dashboard. He did not get removed after I cleaned connections. This Scout is confusing because as far as I know I have never been connected to him in any way, other than him previously being in the Troop that I am now a leader for.

Any other ideas?

@Yddeyma do you know that number? or the Scouts Initials?

I have their initials (M.M), but not the number. I can’t click on their profile. My MID is 13309679 if that helps.

Micah? @Yddeyma is that the scout

Yes, I am so freaked out you know this, lol. Never give out personal info on the internet, kids, lol.

Odd- you and your Husband C? - had hanging/pending connections to the Scout - look now

Yes, husband C. Scout is now disappeared from dropdown, yay! Patrol qty count is still off.

Ignore patrol count - I would go to unit roster and clean old connections

Did that. It said 0 connections cleaned. Will just ignore patrol count (its still wrong), but thanks for getting those other two removed!

MM had a hanging Patrol leader position

All fixed, thanks! Appreciate the help!

For the patrol count, try clicking the red refresh symbol in the upper right corner.

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